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Making Deposits

One of the most important things a person can do when participating in CrossFit or any kind of training is be consistent. Each day there are numerous distractions and obstacles to prevent us from training; not to mention reasons we may create for ourselves. Tell me if this sounds familiar, “I’m not going to do that workout because I’m not good at, or can’t do those movements”, or , “I’m tired and not feeling my best today, so I’m going to skip that workout because I won’t set a personal record”, or “what is the point of even doing the workout, because I’ll have to scale it so much it’s not doing me any good”.  Fitness is not achieved by one workout, but rather the accumulation of physical efforts over a stretch of time. I like to compare my workout efforts to making deposits into my bank account. The money I’m depositing is a product of the accumulation of time spent working on the clock over a stretch of time. I’m then able to take the product of that effort after every couple of weeks or a month and see the difference it makes on my account balance. Fitness works in a similar way, where it may not seem like your workout produced much, but when you consistently put workouts together over the course of weeks, months, and even years; that’s where the payoff will show. - Dalton

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