Coach Robin's 2020 Goals

My goals this year revolve mostly around coaching and my personal programming business. I have been eager to get my CrossFit Level 2 certification a few months before the end of 2019. Once all my ducks are in a row, I will hopefully take myself to the nearest location, and get that thing done! I want to apply what I learn from the studying that’s required to pass the Level 2 and apply it to my business as well. I want to be known as a loving, knowledgeable coach that is able to articulate information in a way that my athletes from all walks of life and ages can understand. Eventually I want to run seminars at the gym. As I grow, slowly move out into larger cities and run seminars there as well. This sport has changed my life. I love sharing the power of exercise and community through teaching athletes physically and mentally. I know that this year I will grow in love towards my athletes. I want to serve each of you now and those I haven’t met yet. You aren’t clients to me, or just another member of the gym. You are an important person to me, my athlete’s and my responsibility.

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