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Athlete of the week - Feb 14

This week’s athlete of the week is: Claire Thompson. Claire has been doing CrossFit for 1 year now, and celebrates her one-year “CrossFit Birthday” this week!

“I joined CrossFit on the Plains because I knew two other members, Brooke Patton and Mary Catherine Ratliff, who love CFP and encouraged me to come give it a try. I was hooked almost instantly. It’s a little bit addicting! What keeps me coming back every day is knowing that the workout is always something different than the day before. We may do a workout one day, and not see that same workout again for another year. One misconception that I had before joining CFP was that I had to be a hard-core athlete and I had to be able to lift the same weight as everyone else. But I quickly learned that there is always a scaled version of a workout if you cannot do one of the movements, or need to decrease the weight. A year ago, I was scaling with every workout. I was always scaling the weight, and most of the time the number of reps too. Fast forward one year, and I have to scale the movements and/or weight sometimes, but I always do the RX number of reps. Also, sometimes I am able do the whole workout RX version. So there’s no doubt I’ve made progress. ” Says Claire.

Claire is from Albany, GA, but moved to Auburn 3 years ago to teach in the undergraduate nursing program at Auburn University. She loves her job, and working with students.

“Claire has been extremely consistent in her attendance, effort, and improvement since starting at CFP. She consistently trains at least 4 time per week, which has allowed her to really elevate her level of fitness. Working hard has never been an issue for Claire, and she pushes to the limit daily. Her running has always been strong from day one, but it’s been great to see her grasp many of the weightlifting concepts, and improve on those movements as well.” Says CFP Head Coach/Owner Dalton Ard.

“I am very motivated by the other athletes. I like logging my time and seeing how I compare with the other ladies. Also, the CrossFit “community” is unbelievable, and like no other gym I’ve ever been a part of. There is so much encouragement from other athletes and the coaches to improve and get better and stronger. When you are one of the last people finishing a workout, the other athletes will come over and encourage you and cheer you on.” Says Claire.

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