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Jan 28 - Athlete of the week

This week’s athlete of the week is: Trysten Lee. Trysten has been doing CrossFit for 2 years now, and started CFP by enrolling into our Auburn University PE Course. He loved the PE class so much he joined as a member!

“I had previous experience with some Olympic weightlifting in high school because of our high schools weight training class but that’s all the pre recs I had before crossfit. I joined because after high school I gained a lot of weight my heaviest was I believe 235 lbs and now I’m at 203 (still wanting more tho.) My future CF goals are to start competing. I’m doing a rowing competition with Dan, Camille, Hannah Geisler and myself and I absolutely love it and shortly after that is the CF 2019 open so that’s the next goal for me!” Says Trysten.

Trysten is from Chelsea, AL and will soon be graduating from Auburn University with a degree in kinesiology and exercise science .

“Trysten’s progress has been huge. He’s always pushing himself towards improvement. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him come into the gym without a smile and a high five with my name written all over it. He’s coachable, kind, and a warm spirit to have at CFP. We’re so lucky to have him!!” Says CFP Coach Robin Johnson.

“And finally I love all the coaches and members we have a CFP and want to thank them all for constantly pushing me to become better.” Says Trysten.

Congrats Trysten! We’re so proud to have you as one of our members!

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